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BTS Launches Apple Music Show ‘BTS Radio: Past & Present’

BTS launched a new radio show on Apple Music 1, called BTS Radio: past and present.

The show will run for three episodes and take listeners on the record-breaking Korean group’s journey to become BTS while sharing meaningful stories and songs that have helped shape the group over the past nine years.

“We wanted to use this radio show to celebrate BTS’s nine years with you and our ARMYs all over the world,” group leader RM said. “We wanted to share BTS songs that help tell our story.”

The first episode was released on May 28, titled Beginnings and chart “the rise of BTS and the songs that shaped their sound and style.” The hour-long show can be listened to anytime on demand with an Apple Music subscription.

On the first episode, the band shared their picks for tracks that impacted their sound. Rapper Suga picked “Intro – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” as one of his picks, explaining, “I remember working on that song and exactly how hard I struggled with it. thinking about it brings tears to my eyes right now. [There are] so many memories with this song.

Singer Jungkook singled out “I Need U,” saying the 2015 track “is special to us in so many ways.” “The Scrapbook The most beautiful moment of life I think it’s just a great album, and ‘I Need U’ got us our first-ever No. 1 win on a Korean music show,” he said. “I think back then was when we felt like we were finally getting noticed, finally about to.”

Senior member Jin, meanwhile, picked “NO” and “Danger,” noting that they “represent the hardest times we’ve had.” “Our members struggled back then,” he added.

BTS Radio: past and present will continue on June 3 with the group choosing favorite songs from their fan base, ARMY. A third and final episode will arrive on June 10, exploring how BTS rose to worldwide fame.

June 10 will also mark the arrival of BTS’ anthology album. Evidence. The disc will include three CDs, bringing together the group’s greatest hits, previously unreleased demos and three new songs, including the single “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life)”.

“BTS’s anthology album that embodies the history of BTS will be released as they embark on a new chapter as an active artist for nine years to look back on their efforts,” BTS label Big Hit said. Music, in a statement. . “The Anthology Album Evidence consists of three CDs and includes many different tracks — including three brand new tracks — that reflect the members’ thoughts and ideas about BTS’s past, present, and future.

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