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Brian Wilson in “In My Room”, a new IGTV musical series: watch

As the coronavirus crisis unfolds rapidly, artists and venues around the world are coming up with innovative ways to keep the lights on and the music playing – without leaving the house.

Today, with that in mind, Rolling stone launch a new IGTV series titled “In my room”. The first episode kicks off with a very special performance by Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson. Sitting at the piano in his California home, Wilson begins with a short instrumental rendition of “In My Room,” the Beach Boys’ first classic from 1963. From there, Wilson moves on to a bright and upbeat solo piano version of the band’s comeback in 1968. “Do It Again”, followed by a heartfelt rendition of his 1988 solo single “Love and Mercy”.

“I was sitting in my room and the news fell on the TV / A lot of people were hurt and it really scared me,” Wilson sings, the Californian sun shining through her window. “Love and mercy is what you need tonight / Love and mercy for you and your friends tonight.”

We’ll be releasing episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3 p.m. ET on Rolling Stone Instagram – with historical artists and more recent names; with artists of all genres and around the world. It will be an intimate and unforgettable experience that you won’t want to miss.

We are all experiencing this pandemic in different ways – and we are all in the same boat. Artists need our support, and they can help us through difficult times as well. We can’t wait to give fans a taste of the many ways music can help and heal.

To support musicians in financial difficulty, consider donating to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

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