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Brandy and John Legend tapped for Audible’s ‘Words + Music’ series

Brandy and john legend have been exploited by Audible for their Lyrics + Music series. Variety reported Tuesday, September 13 that the two R&B acts are set to feature in the series’ final 2022 episodes. Legend’s “Living Legend” will premiere on Monday (October 3), while Brandy’s “A New Moon” will debut on Friday (December 2).

“Living Legend” will see John chronicle his career with stories of how he met Kanye West and how that relationship led to his stage name. The audio series will highlight the artist’s obstacles and victories, from church to EGOT status. The John Legend episode will be recorded live from Ronnie Scott in London, where the singer will “reflect on faith, freedom and love” and how it has “followed him throughout his life. life”.

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“Music has always been my way of expressing my emotions and spreading love and compassion,” Legend said of his love for music. “I hope hearing the stories behind my music gives the songs a deeper meaning. It was a fulfilling and wonderful experience to revisit those moments in my life.

Brandy’s “A New Moon” will detail her stories of teenage stardom and rising to stardom at such a young age. The Full moon singer will also highlight the artist’s journey through personal experiences and trauma. “A New Moon” has been described as “an intimate and invigorating meditation” on the singer’s power and purpose.

Brandy and John Legend join a deep list of artists who have already recorded for the Lyrics + Music series. Artists from previous versions of the Audible series include Carlos Santana, Tenacious D, Beck, Pete Townshend, Eddie Vedder, Chuck D, Liz Phair and Alice Cooper.

Audible is already looking ahead to 2023, with future episodes featuring Mariah Carey and Yasin Bey.

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