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Beeville native works on musical documentary for “Goonies” star Corey Feldman

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – A Coastal Bend Youtuber launched his channel to highlight obscure films he admired growing up.

Journalist Corderro McMurry shares the story of Beeville local Adan Gonzales and his YouTube channel called Staunch TV.

“Well, when I first started it started a little bit different, but I ended up sort of going on to get more information on a lot of those old movies that there was no information on,” he said. Gonzales said. “So, I was going to look for something and I didn’t find anything, so I decided that maybe I should be this guy, who finds it first, you know, and through that I ‘ve spoken to a lot of great directors. ”

Gonzales said he enjoyed interviewing actors, screenwriters and filmmakers from the late ’70s to the late’ 90s. But what really helped develop his passion were his videos on Corey Feldman who starred in the 1985 film “Goonies” and the 1987 film “The Lost Boys”.

“People always ask why are you so obsessed with Corey Feldman? And it’s like I’m not obsessed with Corey Feldman, “Gonzales said.” I’m fascinated by the child-star machine. You know what I mean, I’ve always had it since I was a kid. And when I was a kid, he and Corey Haim were like the coolest guys.

Gonzales has also directed a feature documentary titled “Forever: The Untold Story of Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Forever” which won the 2020 Pepe Serna Award at the South Texas Underground Film Festival.

“So it was very exciting to work,” said Gonzales. “I worked on it for about three years. And so for the first thing to do, show it to the Draft House and win it an award, you know, that’s very impressive.”

Gonzales is also finishing a second documentary which will be made as part of a set that Feldman is working on with exclusive content for fans.

“It came with a documentary that was broadcast,” Gonzales said. “Jake Perry, mate, and he has no idea how to make a documentary and he was like I know a guy who made a documentary (laughs), and so of course I jumped on it.”

The channel is special for a reason, explains Gonzales.

“When people say they grow up, they grow up with this stuff,” he said. “But I was left on my own a lot when I was younger. I need an outlet. Like I said, I try to focus on producing things that people want. see, but all in all it’s again quite a look in my head.

To check out Adan Gonzales’ Youtube channel and watch his documentary, “Forever: The Untold Story of Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Forever”, visit here.