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‘Bands of Enchantment’: Brothers Create ABQ-Based Music Series

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – “Bands of Enchantment” is a national music television show based in Albuquerque. The brothers behind the series, Ken C. Peterson and Vince Chavez, came up with the idea a few years ago.

Each season of the show features cinematic performances from bands around the world, as well as a few from New Mexico.

The brothers said it gave all performers a bigger platform, but also gave the rest of the country a new way to see Albuquerque.

“We traveled and it was always deserted, Breaking Bad, you know?” said Peterson. “And we’re like, no, no, this is the epicenter of arts, culture, food, amazing people, the best music.”

Peterson said the first season, which was filmed in Tucumcari, has already aired in nearly two dozen major cities. New York’s PBS season aired it four times.

“It starts there and then it spread all over the country,” Peterson said.

The brothers hope all this hype will one day convince fans to come to Albuquerque for a festival.

“It’ll be that way, you know, of getting people to bring people here, to bring people to Albuquerque,” Chavez said. “Bring people to New Mexico and share all that love and music, fun, excitement, whatever you want from the festival. So that’s the vision, and we’re on our way.

The second season of “Bands of Enchantment” will begin airing on PBS stations in January.