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Austin-area music documentary to screen in Buda on Friday

Big Day Pictures, based in San Marcos, presents their feature documentary Nothing Stays The Same: The Story of the Saxon Pub this Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the Chambers Theater in Buda.

Local musician Guy Forsyth, featured in the film, will join the filmmakers for an exclusive Q&A after the film.

Awarded the SXSW Music Doc Prize after its 2019 premiere, the documentary celebrates the past 30 years of live music in the Austin area while examining the challenges faced by musicians and concert halls in one of the most popular and fastest growing metropolitan areas. in the United States, through the lens of the legendary Saxon Pub.

“The film first of all celebrates the music, which has always made the Austin area special,” said producer Jeffrey Brown of his Cheatham Street office, “but at the same time looks at the broader issues that are confronted by musicians and clubs trying to survive with rising rents, rising prices and gentrification in the area we all know too well.The Saxon went through all of this a few years ago.

A list of local luminaries helps Brown and director Jeff Sandmann tell the story, such as Joe Ely, Bob Schneider, Patrice Pike, Guy Forsyth, Hector Ward, Carolyn Wonderland, The Resentments, Johnny Nicholas, WC Clark, Robynn Shayne, Van Wilks and others. . Particularly touching is the tribute to musician Stephen Bruton, who died in 2009, which runs through the film.

The film shines with its presentation of the Austin music community, the way they have taken care of each other over the years, and record sales that long ago plummeted in the internet age, the essential need for live music as a means of earning a living. Much of that existence has been threatened by the closure or relocation of clubs outside of the city center, which is akin to closure in many cases.

In addition to the musicians, Saxon owner Joe Ables anchors history alongside other longtime club owners such as the Continental Club, Antone’s, The Broken Spoke and Threadgill’s. “We brought club owners together to discuss the issues their clubs are facing and gave them the opportunity to speak for themselves,” said Sandmann.

Name your snap – the writing is on the wall, the music is over – as the end of the Saxon Pub draws near, that is, until local real estate agent (and musician) Gary Keller walks in. on stage at the end of the film. Call it divine intervention or fluke, the Saxon could live another day if he plays his cards right.

Screening: 7:30 p.m., Friday November 19

Location: The Chamber Theater, Buda

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