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Audible expands “Words + Music” series with Mariah Carey and more

Photo credit: Terry McGough for Pete Townshend; Brendan Barone for Mariah Carey; Maryanne Bilham for Carlos Santana; Sheryl Nields for Aime Mann

Audible has announced the expansion of its “Words + Music” series with several new musicians.

New artists joining “Words + Music” include Mariah Carey, singer-songwriter Aimee Mann, Carlos Santana, Beck, The Who guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend, comedic rock duo Tenacious D and rapper yasiin bey.

Audible says the series spotlights today’s most important artists and is a collection of musical stories that reflect the creative visions of these award-winning artists. The new roster kicks off May 6 with Pete Townshend’s someone saved mefree streaming on Audible.

In the original audible someone saved me, co-produced by Audible and Gunpowder & Sky, Pete Townshend discusses the period between the 1978 death of Who drummer Keith Moon and the 2002 loss of bassist John Entwistle. During these 24 years, The Who experienced its greatest popularity and broke up.

Townshend is candid about his victories and failures over years marked by conflict and resolution, sacred and profane, love and loss. Townshend punctuates his memories with the songs that came out of his life at the time – “Let My Love Open the Door”, “Slit Skirts”, “You Better You Bet”, Eminence Front”, and many others.

“Combining the best of music and memoir, Audible’s Words + Music offerings transport our listeners to the defining and formative moments in the lives of world-class musical talent,” said Zola Mashariki, Head of Audible Studios.

“The Words + Music brand represents a unique blend of expansive, emotional and intimate storytelling and we are honored to welcome this new cohort of talented musical artists to the Audible family as they continue to create the soundtrack of culture” , adds Mashariki.

Audible’s Words + Music Series Release Dates

  • Pete Townshend – May 6
  • Beck – July 1
  • Tenacious D – August 5

Additional dates will be announced later. But you can imagine the Mariah Carey episode will air closer to Christmas since there seems to be about a month between each release. Other iconic musicians who have contributed to the series include Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Alanis Morissette, Tom Morello, T Bone Burnett and many more.