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Andrew Dominik, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis reunited for a musical documentary

fans of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis will have the opportunity to dive behind the musician’s works and see what goes into creating the incredible songs the duo are known for. Deadline reports that the filmmaker Andre Dominique, will be the spearhead of the project entitled, what i know to be true, which will act as a connecting piece to the 2016 music documentary, Once again with feeling. A heartbreaking work of art, Once again with feeling followed Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds while recording their sixteenth studio album, skeleton tree, during which Cave’s 15-year-old son Arthur died. The film documented the grief surrounding the sudden and unexpected death and how it shaped the rest of the album’s creation.


what i know to be true will focus on Cave and Ellis’ creative process and focus on the duo’s final two studio albums, Phantom (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) and Carnage (Nick Cave and Warren Ellis). The documentary will present the journey of Cave creating red hand files – a website formed by Cave that allows fans to write with questions for the musical artist to answer. The questions range from inquiries about Cave’s puppy or his favorite poem to heavier topics like how to deal with grief. Viewers will also be able to check out Cave’s visual art studio where he currently remains busy sculpting a series based on the life of the devil.

Set for release in late 2022 to coincide with Cave and Ellis’ first US tour, the film will take audiences to early screenings of the couple’s albums in London and Brighton. We’ll also hear from Grammy-nominated artist, Marianne Faithful, with whom Cave has shared several collaborations.

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While in production for what i know to be true, Dominik also worked hard to write and direct Blond, a biopic about Marilyn Monroe based on 2000 Joyce Carol Oates novel of the same name. Cave and Ellis create the music for the Ana de Armas feature film that is set to debut on Netflix at some point in 2022. The trio of filmmakers have previously worked together on the film Outlaw, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, which featured brad pitt and Casey Affleck.

In addition to his work writing music, Cave has also been successful in writing scripts. cellar wrote Without faith or law who played Shia Labeouf, Tom Hardy, and Gary Oldman as good as Proposal who played Guy Pearce.

what i know to be true is bound to be a cinematically brilliant film because its cinematographer is Oscar nominated Robbie Ryan, who has worked on films including The favourite, Marriage story, and go! Go on. Amy James and Isaac Hoff serve as producers alongside executive producers Charlie Gatsky Sinclair, Message from Brian and Beth Clayton. The film editor is Matthew C. Hart with Chris Scott serving as lighting designer. Bad Seed Ltd. Film produced with Uncommon Creative Studios.

While, as mentioned above, no release date is currently set for the film, stay tuned to Collider for more on this new behind-the-scenes look at Cave’s life and creative processes. and Ellis.

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