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ABC star Zan Rowe to host music TV show

“It’s really very uplifting to hear someone with such a huge profile and such a magical life talk about how they just aren’t comfortable in their own skin.”

Higgins spoke for the first time about the breakdown of his marriage, while Pearce opened up about the death of his father. It’s one thing to hear these stories on the radio, but it’s another thing to see people telling these stories and how the music affects them.

Rowe with Keith Urban, whom she interviewed at Nashville’s iconic Third Man Records studio.

“I’ve seen people’s faces and seen how they react when they hear the songs and when they talk about them, something changes,” Rowe says. “And I don’t think most guests realize how vulnerable they’re going to feel. And how many audience [those songs] and talking about them will open up something deep in the recesses of their memory that they haven’t thought about in a long time.

And, out of curiosity, is it mandatory that every show these days includes ABC News Breakfast sportscaster Tony Armstrong?

“Actually, I did fifth take with Tony for radio a few years ago. I did it because I thought he was a guy everyone liked, but they didn’t really know his story. And I knew he was a huge music fan.

“And that’s the other thing – it’s not just about interviewing anybody; everyone I interview must have some connection to music. They don’t have to be musicians, but they do have to have some connection. And most people do. Everyone, no matter what tastes you think you have, everyone has songs that matter to them.

Rowe with Tony Armstrong, whom she previously interviewed for the radio version of Take 5.

Rowe with Tony Armstrong, whom she previously interviewed for the radio version of Take 5.

Rowe has been a mainstay in music in Australia for two decades, starting on community radio in Melbourne before landing at Triple J in 2005. In 2018 she moved to Double J, and in recent years, she has also become a familiar face on ABC TV. Once a week she appears on Breakfast to talk music and has co-hosted the station’s New Year’s Eve show since 2017. This year, she also put her talents to use hosting the ABC’s 90th anniversary celebrations, alongside Armstrong and the other ABC’s Mr Everywhere, Craig Reucassel.

Looks like Rowe is dangerously close to becoming an ABC institution. She was even on Gardening in Australia. “I don’t want to punish people,” she laughs. “I don’t want to be unavoidable in some ways.”

That said, it’s surprising that it took Rowe this long to land his own show. On Take 5, her talent as an empathetic interviewer stands out. She’s a safe pair of hands – no gimmicks, no tricks – and that’s why she’s become one of Australia’s top music journalists. Not that she admits it, but she’s a classic quietly successful person.

“I think a lot of times people know me as a DJ,” she says. “And I’ve been doing songs for many years, but you don’t really know what someone is capable of until they start doing it.

“I’ve definitely gotten better at doing TV stuff – over 10 years of Breakfast then five years organizing New Year’s Eve with Charlie Pickering. Look, I’m ready to take on the world and be a fixture – to the ABC and anyone who wants to have me.

“But yeah, I think there’s a lot of love for comedians doing TV shows, and maybe it’s more about me not being a comedian than gender. .”

Now she has completed the first season of Take 5, Rowe thought about the guests she would like for season two. She previously spoke to Paul McCartney for the radio version of Take 5 – and still has his manager’s contacts saved in his phone – what bigger name could there be?

“I tried to chase Harry Styles for a Take 5,” she says. “He’s got such charisma. I want to be in a room where he’s in. He’s got that ‘it’ factor. When people come up with different guests, the first question is ‘do you care about their five songs? ?” Well, I would be very interested to know what his five songs are.

He’s on tour in February next year – now’s your chance.

“He has the same PR as Paul McCartney,” she replies.

You have an in!

“Oh, we are using this email address.”