Music show

A musical show in Mexico combines sound and silence

A driver in Mexico hopes to win listeners with a new work in which a clown plays with musicians.

Alondra de la Parra has led over 100 major musical groups, called orchestras. Among them, the London Philharmonic and the Orchester de Paris.

The new performance, “Le silence du son”, puts the musicians on to organise rather than below the stage in an area known as the pit.

Through classical music, the orchestra plays an important role in the story as the clown searches for meaning and happiness.

“The stories we tell on this show are just a few of the many possible stories one can imagine while listening to classical music,” de la Parra told Reuters news agency.

The formal music of Western culture is often described as “classical”.

She added: “We hope to achieve a greater public so that they fall in love with the orchestra, and also to give some comfort, dreams, imagination and art in this difficult time that we live in. “

Mexican clown Gabriela Muñoz plays with the musicians. She does not speak during the performance. Instead, she acts with images, like birds in flight.

“My character is a character that I have been playing for many years now, ”said Muñoz. A character is a person who appears in a story, a play, or a book.

She added that the clown goes on a journey, or journey, to “find his inner music that allows him to dance on his own. rhythm. “

De la Parra chose music including pieces written by Claude Debussy, Sergei Prokofiev and Igor Stravinsky among others.

She said she wanted to have different types of works, “one after another this could be a very nice sample as an introduction to the orchestra of pieces that anyone can fall in love with immediately.”

The two women have worked together on the project for six years, recently facing issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The time that we live and pass through this pandemic makes it even more relevant… to remind us how important it is to experience emotional journeys, to continue to share, ”said Muñoz.

“The Silence of Sound” will have its first performance in Mexico in July. De la Parra is also planning performances in other parts of Mexico and in Europe.

I am John Russell.

Marie-louise Gumuchian reported this story to Reuters. John Russell adapted it for Learning English. Mario Ritter, Jr. was the editor.


Words in this story

driver – not. a person who stands in front of people while they sing or play musical instruments and directs their performance

clown nm someone who plays in a circus, wears funny clothes and makeup, and tries to make people laugh

to organise -not. a raised structure in a theater or similar place where performers are held

public – not. : a group of people who come together to listen to something (like a concert) or watch something (like a movie or a play): people who attend a performance

comfort -not. a state of feeling less worried or upset after a period of turmoil or pain

character -not. a person or being who appears in a story, book, play, movie or television show

rhythm -not. a regular, repeated pattern of sounds or movements

relevant – adj. relating to a subject in an appropriate manner