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5 K-pop boy groups with the most music program wins

Music Shows are weekly shows that allow K-pop artists to promote their new songs. Victories in music shows are an integral part of these programs.

Each show has its own voting and scoring method based on which songs released at the same time are judged. Of the top three songs with the highest scores, one is chosen as the winner.

The winning song is generally considered the current favorite of South Korean audiences. Artists appear on music shows to promote their newly released songs to reach wider audiences and also interact with their fans while taping the shows.

Hanteo charts are used as one of the criteria for calculating music show points. Some of the most popular music shows are Inkigayo, The Music Bank, The show, Show Champion, M Countdownand Spectacle! music core.

5 K-pop Boy Groups Who Have Racked Up The Most Music Show Wins

5) Super Junior

ranking of house parties in musical showsshow champion: in the top 5music bank: 4th placemusic core: 5th placeinkigayo: 4th placesuper junior and elfs worked hard during this comeback. congratulations! 🥺💙#SUPERJUNIOR #HouseParty @SJofficial

In fifth place is a senior group called Super Junior who have won 59 music shows. Launched in 2005, they originally had 15 members and various sub-units. Currently, they promote with 11 members and are active in the music industry even after 17 years. Here are the songs the SM Entertainment boy group received music show awards for:

Sorry sorry – 11 wins

mr simple – 11 wins

Mamacita – 9 wins

Sexy, Free & Single – 8 wins

Bonamana – 6 wins

you – 5 wins

Do not give – 2 wins

GREAT applause – 2 wins

No other – 2 wins

To dance – 2 wins

It’s you – 1 victory

4) SHINee

SHINee’s Don’t Call Me ranked #3 on Music Bank

SHINee is SM Entertainment’s 5-member boy group that debuted in 2008. Due to an unfortunate incident, the group had to promote with only 4 members. The group has won 64 music show awards so far and the songs for which they have won are as follows:

dream girl – 10 wins

Views – 9 wins

sherlock – 8 wins

Ring Ding Dong – 6 wins

Do not call me – 6 wins

Everybody – 5 wins

Lucifer – 4 wins

1 of 1 – 4 wins

Juliet – 4 wins

Hello – 2 wins

Married to Music – 2 wins

love like oxygen – 2 wins

I want you – 1 victory

Good evening – 1 victory


The boy group with the third most music show wins is YG Entertainment’s BIGBANG, which currently has 102 music show wins. The group debuted in 2006 with 5 members, however, one of the members, Seungri, had to leave the group due to his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal. The group has many hit songs and has been awarded on music shows for the following:

Haru Haru – 13 wins

Losing – 11 wins

Still life – 9 wins

This evening – 9 wins

Fxxk It – 8 wins

Last farewell – 8 wins

Sunset light – 7 wins

Blue – 7 wins

Lies – 6 wins

Let’s not fall in love – 5 wins

Love song – 5 wins

bang bang bang – 4 wins

Sober – 3 wins

High High – 2 wins

A fantastic baby – 2 wins

Last Dance – 1 victory

2) EXO

EXO has about 123 music show wins to date. EXO debuted in 2012 with 12 members, however, the SM Entertainment group currently only has nine members. They have won awards on various music shows for the following songs:

call me baby – 18 wins

growl – 14 wins

Ko Ko Bop – 12 wins

love me well – 11 wins

Freak – 11 wins

Miracles in December – 9 wins

Overdose – 8 wins

Lotto – 8 wins

Power – 8 wins

Obsession – 5 wins

Universe – 4 wins

sing for you – 4 wins

Wolf – 4 wins

Tempo – 3 wins

love shot – 2 wins

The Winter’s Tale – 2 wins

For life – 1 victory

Don’t fight the feeling – 1 victory

1) BTS

“Permission To Dance” has won its 4th victory and sets a new record for the highest score on Music Bank! (11,145 points)@BTS_twt‘ Records: Most Music Shows Wins in 2021 – 24*Total Overall Wins in History – 148**+#PermissiontoDance4thWin 🏆

Pop juggernaut BTS has won 152 music shows. The group debuted in 2013 and are the only boy group on this list that is not owned by a Big 3 company.

their song dynamite has the most music show wins in history, breaking a 29-year-old record set by Shin Seung Hun unseen love. They are also the only band to have won over 150 music shows. Here are the songs that have been awarded in music shows:

dynamite – 32 wins

Boy with Luv – 21 wins

ON – 16 wins

Butter – 13 wins

fake love – 12 wins

DNA – 10 wins

Life goes on – 9 wins

permission to dance – 8 wins

IDOL – 8 wins

blood sweat tears – 6 wins

To run – 5 wins

I need you – 5 wins

spring day – 4 wins

Fire – 3 wins

Due to the pandemic, there was no audience during the live recording of the music broadcasts, which made performing in an empty venue a very tedious task for the artists. However, with the relaxation of the rules, some shows began to allow an audience to be present when the programs were filmed.

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