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Local university hosts virtual music series

MARTIN, Tennessee – Music students from a local college hosted a musical series with a popular guest. The University of Tennessee at Martin’s Music Department hosts several musical series, guiding music majors through the importance of sound. The series features popular musicians giving their take on music. On Sunday night, during a live on Facebook, […]

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You have no idea what it’s like to live with someone with autism -Kidspot

Sia’s first film, Music, tells the story of a girl with autism and the sister who cares for her – but as a sister to someone with an intellectual disability, I know she has it all. false. One morning I was scrolling through my Twitter feed when I first saw the trailer: Maddie Ziegler, with […]

Music movie

Kate Hudson Responds to Casting Criticism for Sia’s “Music” Movie

Kate Hudson stars in Sia’s “Music” as the sister of an autistic girl played by Maddie Ziegler. Hudson, who is in the running for a Golden Globe, spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about the film’s casting review. She said that “the music” was made with “love and sensitivity” but sparked a dialogue about the performance. Loading […]

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ABC Radio National’s The Music Show celebrates 30 years on the air

You will have to imagine the anticipation. It’s a Saturday morning in May 2008, and as usual The Music Show is live in the studio. I’m used to talking to famous musicians, but this morning he’s one of the great jazz musicians of all time. Sonny Rollins has performed with Bud Powell and Charlie Parker, […]

Music movie

Maddie Zieger defends criticism of Sia’s music film ableism

Maddie Ziegler stars alongside Kate Hudson in Music (Photo: AP) Maddie Ziegler has responded to the backlash of ableism surrounding her critically acclaimed film, Music. The 18-year-old plays an autistic teenager in the film directed by singer Sia and also starring Kate Hudson and Lamar Odom Jr. However, Maddie’s casting drew huge criticism, with many […]

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Guy Clark’s Music Documentary Seeks To Get Its SXSW Due, Year Later

“Well, that may sound like déjà vu …”, wrote filmmaker Tamara Saviano on her Facebook page this week, alerting her friends that her documentary on musician Guy Clark, “Without Getting Killed or Caught” was announced. Thursday as this year’s South By premiere. Southwest Film Festival… as it was announced last year. The good news is […]

Music movie

Autism Controversy in Sia’s Movie “Music” Explained

The New York Times once tagged Sia “the socially phobic pop star” because she was incredibly “uncomfortable with the prospect of becoming famous” after releasing her fifth album in 2010. But We are born launched her into a new realm of stardom, and fame hung on to the Australian singer-songwriter like its own shadow. Ironically, […]

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The Prodigy is working on their very first musical documentary

The Prodigy is working on their first feature musical documentary, with help from the studio behind the drama london gangs. Provisional title The Prodigy, the project directed by Paul Dugdale is expected to be produced by the founding members of the group, Liam Howlett and Maxim. Pulse Films – the studio behind london gangs, the […]

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Sia Adds Warning Label to Movie Music, Apologizes to Autism Community Over Golden Globe Nominations

Sia addressed the controversy surrounding her directorial debut, Music, after the film won two Golden globes appointments Tuesday morning, then quickly deleted his Twitter account. (Sia’s Instagram account, which has over 6 million subscribers, remains active since this update at the time of writing.) In a succession of tweets on Tuesday night, the singer wrote […]

Music movie

Sia Says Her Movie “Music” Will Come With Pre-Air Disclaimer

Sia breaks his silence on the controversies surrounding his next film, Music. The film received a lot of reaction from fans after realizing that the 45-year-old singer threw Maddie Ziegler as an autistic teenager. Now, Sia opened up to fans on Twitter and said that before the film there will be an onscreen warning. I […]