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Dirt Music Movie Trailer: Director Gregor Jordan on Tim Winton’s Book, Non-Australian Cast

Based on the acclaimed Tim Winton novel, Dirt Music features breathtaking scenery and, perhaps controversially, an American and a Scotsman playing Australians. Tim Winton’s Dirt Music is a great love story set against the breathtaking backdrop of Western Australia. Since the book’s release almost two decades ago, there has been at least one failed film […]

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TV One releases Go-Go musical documentary “The Beat Don’t Stop”

The rhythm does not stop (2020)Photo: Courtesy of TV One The sounds of Go-go hit the nation to another level when we all heard those conga drums in the background of “ass”By EU (Experience Unlimited) as part of Spike Lee’s school stun soundtrack. However, I didn’t really feel the purity of the native Washington, DC […]

Music movie

Up From the Streets: New Orleans: City of Music – Film Review

This gloriously messy celebration of New Orleans’ musical heritage is a tasty okra of uniquely American ingredients – jazz, blues, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, gospel, funk, hip-hop – generously seasoned with love and of respect for most Africans. American artists who have forged this heritage over the past three centuries. It’s almost an embarrassment of […]

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Roxy Music’s “Full House” performance in 1972

We dive into the vault of Far Out to look back on a flagship band in their prime as we revisit Roxy Music’s breathtaking performance on the BBC’s “Full House” in 1972. In 1972, there was no band as forward looking as Roxy Music. Led by Bryan Ferry with a virtuoso group that included mercurial […]

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Clint Eastwood’s country music film co-starred with his son

Two years later Clint eastwood team up with Merle Hagard for “Bar buddies”, the actor and director returned to country for Honkytonk man, a drama set during the Great Depression and loosely based on the life of a country singer Jimmie rodgers. The film, directed by Eastwood and based on the novel of the same […]

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New Orleans music documentary set for home release via local theaters

“Up From the Streets,” a history and celebration of New Orleans music hosted by Grammy-winning artist Terence Blanchard, will have a “virtual theatrical release” starting May 15 with proceeds from the sale of tickets for the benefit of struggling Louisiana musicians. The film, subtitled “New Orleans: The City of Music,” debuted in October at the […]