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Children’s Musical ‘Trolls World Tour’ Has Big Problems With Pop

The original movie “Trolls” in 2016 was about the unique privilege of being a troll – kaleidoscopically colorful lives, relentless joy, hugs every hour. Chipper, loopy songs dotted the film, which featured pop music, and Pop Trolldom, as blameless (albeit somewhat oblivious) sources of joy. What horror is behind it, however? In “Trolls World Tour”, […]

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the documentary Other Music is a love letter to record store culture (watch it)

“I like the conservatives,” said Matt Berninger from the National in the Other Music documentary it’s streaming from today. “People who are passionate enough to comb everything and write a hundred words on a little card and make sure it stays stuck to the shelf.” Those little cards at Other Music, New York’s beloved record […]

Music documentary

Another Musical Documentary Gets “Virtual” Release for Independent Theaters and Record Stores

The film will be available only through record stores and theaters from April 17 and will not be available on other digital platforms for several months. The rental process will be easy for the viewer. Once the customer purchases the film from the record store or at the cinema from April 17, they will receive […]