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“Guava Island” Review: Donald Glover and Rihanna’s Secret Musical

Last summer, Donald Glover snuck off to Cuba to create something – a feature film collaboration, at least rumors had said, based on scant information other than a photo of Glover and Rihanna. posed during the production of their mysterious project “Guava Island”. Creation is what Glover does best, constantly redefining audiences’ ideas about what […]

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Ken Burns on ‘Country Music’ Series, Attributes WV’s Roots to Love of the Genre | Music

It’s hard to say precisely how much West Virginia has contributed to the form and sound of country music, but much can be said about West Virginia’s contribution to “Country Music: A Film by Ken Burns” , the next Public Broadcasting Service documentary. Burns – who is known for a long line of acclaimed documentary […]

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Thom Zimny, Johnny Cash and the new musical documentary

Over the past two years, Thom Zimny ​​has become the leading director of musical documentaries. At the start of last year, he led the Elvis Presley: the researcher, which performed at several film festivals before landing on the HBO menu. At the end of last year, Zimny’s Springsteen on Broadway was added to Netflix offerings […]