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‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ Music Documentary About Tiffany: Review

As we all know, the word “fan” comes from “fanatic”. As in, “religious bigots responsible for sectarian violence” or “fanatical Trump supporters blame FBI investigation into Deep State,” to paraphrase two headlines I quickly found online after Googling the term . While we’re all fans of various art and artists, the fanatic goes overboard, whether […]

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40 years in the making: the magical music film – film review

At a certain age, you find yourself looking in the rearview mirror more and more frequently, trying to crystallize the precious memories of a life that passes before they completely disappear from view. In this kind-hearted documentary, successful TV writer / producer Aronsohn (The Big Bang Theory, Two and a half men, Cybille) sets out […]

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Review: “40 Years In The Making: The Magic Music Movie” Finds Rocky Mountain High In Band Reunion

Chronicle of a folk-rock band reunion you’ve probably never heard of – unless you lived in Boulder, Colorado, in the early 1970s – “40 Years in the Making: The Magic Music Movie “transcends the trippy longing to deliver a moving message about the healing power of reconciliation. An obvious labor of love from TV hitmaker […]

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Magic Music movie recalls the story of Colorado’s first jam group

Lee Aronsohn has extensive experience producing and writing for a number of sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and Two and a half men (which he also co-created), but before moving to Los Angeles, he was a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the early 1970s. The self-proclaimed high school hippie, who […]

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’40 Years of Making: The Magical Musical Film’ Reunites an Obscure Colorado Jam Band

magical musical movie If you were the co-creator of two and a half men and a leader of The Big Bang Theory, you can check your bank statement and maybe buy a yacht or two. Or you could do what Lee Aronsohn did and make one of the warmest, friendliest vanity projects I’ve ever seen. […]

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Magic Music Movie Review – The Hollywood Reporter

Documentaries of reuniting musicians after a long time out of the spotlight have proven appealing in the past. One of these films, In search of the sugar man, even won an Oscar. There may not be a prize in sight for the latest variation on this theme, 40 years in the making: the magic musical […]