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12 more K-Pop tracks that never won a music show, but really deserved one

Music shows aren’t the key to success in the K-pop world, but winning an award on a respected music show can certainly help a band stay ahead and stand out from the crowd. Each program has a different point system for determining winners, so sometimes it’s time or bad luck that even the most amazing songs don’t win. Here is (in no particular order) an updated list of songs that deserved a win!

1. Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu”

Arguably one of Stray Kids’ most popular tracks, “God’s Menu” unfortunately never won a music show during their promotional period. With its unique concept and unusual choreography, it’s really surprising to hear that this song didn’t win a trophy.

2. KARD’s “Bomb Bomb”

This song is instantly addicting! With its catchy beat and strong vocals, it was one of the most iconic tracks of the summer when it was released in March 2019. KARD as a whole is super underrated – despite their talented members and excellent music. , they haven’t found any music yet. show victory.

3. “Picky Picky” by Weki Meki

Speaking of tracks that could be considered the song of the summer, “Picky Picky” has a surprisingly serious message hidden beneath its upbeat and energetic sound. Either way, it was pretty popular – and certainly worthy of a win.

4. The “Valkyrie” of ONEUS

This is ONEUS ‘first track, and while being a freshly launched band at the time, they impressed with the stellar voice and fluidity of this song. “Valkyrie” definitely made them the rookie group to watch, and even though the song didn’t score a win, it still deserves all the hype.

5. LOONA’s “Butterfly”

Pretty much any seasoned fan of girl groups will know and love this song – it’s one of the best and stands out among the K-pop crowd with its unique sound and mind-blowing choreography. Sadly, this one didn’t score a win (although it’s a winner in every Orbit’s heart!).

6. The “answer” from ATEEZ

The breathtaking melody and dramatic sound of this ATEEZ classic make it sound like a movie soundtrack at best, and the choreography completes the magic. Add the band’s magnetic stage presence into the mix, and it’s nearly impossible to understand why this one didn’t score a win.

7. The “Bon Bon Chocolat” of EVERGLOW

That first track really put EVERGLOW on the map, and it’s mind-boggling to think that he never landed a win on a music show. His cool beat and iconic choreography swept across social media upon release, and he’s still a total banger.


“VERY NICE” never won a victory, but it continues to feature from time to time to this day as an act of revenge! Once it’s stuck in your head, it never goes away thanks to the track’s incredibly catchy tagline and happy yet powerful sound.

9. “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” by Red Velvet

Red Velvet is known for their ability to pull off just about any concept, so it may come as a surprise that this song didn’t score a win. This track features Wendy’s amazing vocals and solid choreography, so it’s a shame it never won on a music show.

10. “Shoot Me” by DAY6

Even people who don’t usually listen to K bands will know and love this one – it’s one of DAY6’s most famous tracks, and for very good reason. It’s great to scream when you’re really in the mood, and it’s sad to know that he didn’t get the victory he deserves.

11. “Like OOH-AHH” from TWICE

Each track on TWICE has its own charms, but this one always stands out among all the hits. The cool clip (with zombies!) And energetic spirit of this song is both addicting and fun, so it’s disappointing to know that there wasn’t a win.

12. The “BOSS” of NCT U

You’d be hard pressed to find a K-pop fan who does not know this one – because it’s a total bop. The powerful choreography and jaw-dropping rap elements make this track special and (despite not winning a win) it remains a popular choice for covers.

Can you think of a title song that never won a win but certainly deserved one? Let us know in the comments below!

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